Mining Kosovan Minerals

Quartz and Potassium Feldspar

ABout us

Unleashing the Potential of Kosovan Resources

Bleta Sh.p.k. is a Kosovan mining company. The company holds exclusive mining rights for industrial minerals in south-east Kosovo. The primary products are potassium feldspar (leucite) and quartz. With our feldspar we target the glass and ceramic industry, with quartz we targe the silicon and ferrosilicon industry

Our Products

We deliver cost-effective raw materials for further processing.


Our premium quartz has a quality > 99%. The material has been succesfully tested for silicon and ferrosilicon production in laboratory tests. Material is shipped as bulk with sizing > 10 mm.


Potassium Feldspar

The mineral form of our main product is leucite. The potassium-rich feldspar is used in the glass and ceramic industry.


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Our Team

Meet the interdisciplinary team behind Bleta Mining.

Dr. Thomas Schöffler

Founder &
Managing Director

Thomas worked for multinational beverage companies for the last decades before settling in Kosovo a decade ago. With his excellent network he focuses on the strategic development.

Hans-Joachim Saxowski

Executive Director

Joachim has 40 years of experience as a corporate lawyer and executive, primarily in Germany. He oversees financing and mining operations.

Jan-Philipp Mai

Director Technology

Jan-Philipp (JP) is a mechnical engineer with a background in the silicon industry. He is responsible for the technical planning, customer specifiations and business development.

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Bleta Sh.p.k.
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