Low production costs and emerging markets

Bleta Sp.h.k. builds on the strategic benefits of combining low production costs with an emerging economic region between the European continent and the Middle East. The company was founded by Dr. Thomas Schöffler. After decades of activity in the beverage indus-try with stations in Europe, the US and the Middle East, he is now based in Kosovo. The company Bleta is his second resource project after founding the mineral water spring Spirit of Drini.

Lean production

We follow a minimum viable product approach to keep on-site processing steps and investments to a minimum. The mined product will be processed with minimum effort to be sold to a partner with the necessary processing technologies.

Straegic investment

We are looking for a strategic partner in the region. Through the existing process know-how and facilities, we aim for the greatest possible synergies, whereby we deliver a cost-effective raw material for further processing.

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